7 Thrift Shopping Tips to Spend Less and Buy More
21 Nov 2020

7 Thrift Shopping Tips to Spend Less and Buy More

Post by Rob Grasso

When was the last time you went thrift shopping?

Thrift shopping has been around for years but only became popular recently. Thrift shopping died down when bigger retail stores popped up around the globe. More people prefer designer items with popular brands.

However, newer trends call for consumers to combine used clothing with new. In an effort against global warming, more people are encouraging others to thrift. Unsold inventory and fabric pile up every year.

Are you looking to start thrift shopping? In this article, we give you some thrift shopping tips to make the most of your trip. Read on to discover some valuable tips for thrift shopping.

What Is Thrifting

A thrift store contains an inventory of various clothing items for a fraction of retail prices. You can get a variety of clothing from basics to lingerie. You can find unique and valuable vintage items in thrift stores.

Thrifting is when you shop for used items offered at a lower price. Thrifting is not limited to thrift stores. You can thrift at flea markets, church sales, and garage sales.

You can also look for other secondhand discount locations like estate and church sales. Some charitable organizations may also offer thrift items. Thrift stores have big national brands like Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

Your residential area may also offer local thrift stores. You can find them in downtown antique shops or at your local church.

Why You Should Thrift

Fast fashion culture gave negative impacts on our global environment. Rates of textile waste grow every year from excess fabric. Thrift shopping is better for the environment.

Thrift shopping is more conscious of the environment. Though ethical brands exist, thrift shopping can be more sustainable. It creates lower textile waste and prevents carbon emissions.

Thrifting is also a great way to support charitable organizations. Secondhand stores like the Salvation Army supports families in poverty. They use proceeds from sales to donate to people in need.

Thrifting is also a great way to save money. Depending on how you thrift, you can also make money. Here are some thrift shopping tips to take note of on your next shopping trip.

1. Dress for Thrifting

Before you go thrifting, remember to dress for the occasion. Some thrift stores have limited or no fitting rooms, depending on where you shop. Other thrift stores don’t issue exchanges or refunds.

Buying clothes without trying them on first is bad practice. You can remedy this by wearing the right clothes. A fitted tank top and shorts or leggings can ease the burden of trying on clothes.

2. Use Cash Only

It can be easy to go overboard when thrift shopping, even if everything is inexpensive. Before you shop for anything, it’s always good to have a budget. Consider leaving your card at home for shopping trips and bring cash only.

This will help you stick to the budget you created. Only buy clothes you need and items you feel confident that you can wear. Otherwise, leave it alone.

3. Scan the Aisles to Save Time

Thrift stores often have a big inventory with little to no organization. Rummaging through stacks and piles of clothing can cost a great deal of time. Looking at every single piece may only end up eating valuable time.

To prevent wasting time, learn how to scan the aisles. A great way to start mastering scanning is to look at your preference. Look for your preferred colors and styles and scan the aisles.

Scanning in thrift stores is a skill you can develop over time. Look through the racks to find items that you like.

4. Have a Goal

Another smart way to save time while thrift shopping is by having a goal. Your primary goal when thrift shopping is to find what you need. Don’t think of this as an opportunity to hoard and collect items.

Know your wardrobe and the things you already own. Make a mental list, or use your smartphone, to list down what you need. You can also make a mood board or take pictures of what you want to find on your shopping trip.

5. Learn How to Discern Quality

Many people enjoy thrift shopping because it’s an opportunity to find unique items. Many thrift shoppers find rare or limited-edition designer items. Thrift shopping is a great way to find designer brands and vintage items at a low price.

However, thrift stores are also home to knockoff brands and dupes. When thrift shopping, it is essential to learn how to discern quality. Natural materials often offer better quality than synthetic materials.

Some brands have secret signatures that you can look for if you think you found something good. 100% leather shoes have Vero Cuoio engraves on the bottom. Familiarizing yourself with quality items is a great way to hone your thrifting skills.

6. Know When to Go

Choosing the best time to go thrifting can help you make the most of your trip. For most thrifting shops, Monday morning is the best time to shop. Many stores offer discounts for select inventory and colors.

New items come around during Wednesday. Your local thrift store may offer great discounts for a limited time. If you often shop at Dollar General, you can find some great Dollar General coupons here.

7. Be Open to Tailoring

One of the most prominent features of thrift stores is that they offer used clothing. Many people go to their local thrift stores to dump unwanted clothing. Some of these clothes may have defects that you can’t fix.

However, when thrift shopping, try to keep an open mind. Many used clothing can still get salvaged with the right owner. Take note of things that you can’t fix, like moth holes or stains and odors.

Thrift-flipping is a new trend that many online sellers use. You can also do this as a side-hustle.

Take Advantage of These Thrift Shopping Tips

Now you know some great thrift shopping tips. Whether you’re thrift shopping online or local, use these tips to spend less and buy more. You can save money while still buying the things you love and desire.

But why stop here when there’s more to learn and other ways to save? For more fashion tips and tricks, check out our other guides right here, today.