A Complete Guide to the Hemp Flower
16 Jan 2021

A Complete Guide to the Hemp Flower

Post by Rob Grasso

Hemp has been used in our culture for nearly 10,000 years. It’s no surprise that we’ve discovered various uses for plants. These uses range anywhere from textiles to medicine.

Since hemp flower is now legal again in the United States, it is now being studied and understood. This guide will give you an inside look into the various benefits of the world of hemp flower.

What Is Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower is a fast-growing and versatile industrial plant. This includes a wide range of medicinal uses.

It is a strain of cannabis bred to lower the psychoactive effects of the ingredient known as THC. So the plant produces minimal psychoactive effects. But, the CBD aspect is kept the same.

Hemp Chemical Compounds

The cannabis plant contains over 60 different chemical compounds, these are the cannabinoids. They act on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

This system modulates all kinds of functions in the body. For example, if the body is in extreme pain, the body keeps itself from panicking. This process, called downregulation, attempts to keep the body from shutting down. This affects the extent to which your immune system functions as well as other things.

CBD can attach itself to these pain receptors that are a part of these bodily functions. These receptors are linked with anxiety and inflammation but are not attached to psychoactive parts of the mind and body.

THC and CBD have similar chemical makeups but different structures. Thus Hemp Flower, when smoked, does not get you high, but aids in these medical issues.

Aside from that, there’s no other real difference between the hemp plant and the cannabis plant. So the look, feel, and smell of a hemp plant is similar to a cannabis plant.

Medical Benefits

The FDA approved the use of two cannabinoids products: Dronabinol and Cesamet. These two ingredients aid in anorexia and weight loss in patients undergoing cancer treatments. These assisted patients in enduring chemotherapy that was not responding to antiemetics.

The high potency cb1 in cannabis was proving to be detrimental to daily life. But, the natural balance of smokable hemp flower held more therapeutic qualities in mental health.

Pediatric Epilepsy

There are tons of medical benefits to hemp flower. The most famous medical benefit of hemp flower is its potential to treat Pediatric Epilepsy in children. This is also connected to children enduring seizures linked to epilepsy.

Researchers haven’t understood the reasoning why CBD hemp flower improves these conditions. But scientific studies have suggested that CBD hemp flower may improve the function of the endocannabinoid system.

Mental Faculties

Through helping this system, it can then regulate the central nervous system. This process aids in regulating convulsive activity.

The CBD provides high medicinal value providing possible relief from:

  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Lowering anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • IBS/Crohns
  • Nausea

Medicinal Forms

Depending on how you use or process the plant, there are a variety of health purposes it can provide. There are several medicinal forms available that derive from the hemp flower.

Hemp flower creates various consumables, oils, teas, and even body cremes. There is an endless number of possibilities.

Types of Flower Strains

Different strains of hemp can pair well with other activities or consumables. Each type of string contains a different taste. Below are some of the famous strains that we see today.

CBD Critical Mass

This is a genetic 80:20 ratio of Indica to Sativa. This provides a nice hybrid of THC to CBD ration at about 5-10% concentration.

Royal Medic

This can produce up to 12% CBD and around 10% THC. Raw medic is derived from two Spanish strains. One is titled eater Lacrimosa which is renowned for its purported medical properties.


This is one of the most well-known strains due to its high CBD content. It holds a nutty and citrusy flavoring. It can be well paired with different food dishes and beverages. The high potency aids in inflammation and physical injuries.

Cherry Wine

The strain possesses high-quality CBD content. It has a low percentage of THC but high amounts of CBD. Its taste is reflective of red wine and oak.  The strain is known for treating mentally exhausting illnesses. These include anxiety and stress, as well as other medical uses.


This strain is known to boost the mood of the user. It also contains high amounts of CBD but a low less impactful amount of THC. Its effects are known to treat stressors and anxieties. It possesses a tropical lemon and pineapple aroma.

There are several strains to choose from depending on the vendor. You can also buy hemp flower online, making it easier than ever to shop for hemp.

Is It Legal?

Different states possess different rules regarding the possession of hemp flowers. But thankfully, thanks to the passing of the 2018 farm bill, Hemp and CBD are no longer controlled substances.

Hemp can be farmed, industrialized, and purchased by consumers in stores. There are some restrictions on this new legality. It is now

Overall, the CBD flower is a more natural and regulated version of consuming CBD. Even though other processed products contain CBD, the hemp flower proves to be an organic choice. The products also contain a grounded diversity to it as well.

Hemp Pre Rolls

Various CBD shops have opened nationwide offering a variety of CBD selections. Among these items are Hemp Flower pre-rolls.

Hemp Pre-Rolls are pre-rolled joints containing ground hemp flowers. These are convenient choices for novice users that are looking for high potency.

Hemp Recipes

These flowers can also be used in a variety of ways such as additions to stews, bakery treats, and stocks. The Hemp flower, aside from smoking, can be used to mix into oils and butter. When cooking these substances, their cannabinoids can be activated for full effectiveness.

Hemp Flower

Despite Hemp Flower’s legal renewal, the plant is still highly regulated. It cannot be grown as easily as other plants in the states but it is now an easily obtainable substance.

Hemp Flower is a great option for people looking for an item that has quick activation. These flowers can also be used in a variety of ways such as additions to stews, bakery treats, and stock.

If you want to know more about hemp flower, check us out in the shop collections of our website!

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