Benefits of Staying in Outer London For Your Business Meetings
4 Jun 2019

Benefits of Staying in Outer London For Your Business Meetings

Post by Rob Grasso

London is often the location of many business conferences and events and this can often cause an issue for smaller business owners. It is easy to see why London is the smartest place for these kind of expos and conferences because it is central, easy to get to and most importantly it is full of great business minds and companies. I have traveled to London a lot for business and I have realized that staying in outer London is the smartest thing to do, usually staying in Romford. If you have meetings or events in Central London, here is why you should stay just outside.


The cost difference between a hotel in Central London versus staying just outside is huge and that is of course important for any small business owner. I used to spend large amounts on staying in Central London but the options in places like Romford and Watford are far more reasonable. It isn’t just accommodation which is cheaper, there are also lower priced food options, gym passes and even the Romford escorts were cheaper than those in Central London. All told you will save a lot more money by staying just outside.

Easier Arrival

I would always drive down to London for these meetings and coming from Yorkshire it took me almost as long to get from Greater London to Central London, as it did getting to Greater London from Yorkshire. Whether you are coming from north, east, south or west it makes the journey far easier when you aren’t going all the way to the heart of the city, making it easier to get in and get out once it is all done.


Because of how good the transport links are in London you can get in to the centre with absolute ease no matter which town or borough you stay in. The tube is a sprawling network which covers a vast distance and offers high speed trains which will get you to where you need to go each morning. I used to walk around 40 minutes form my hotel to the business event, via the underground from Romford the time is about equal to that, and the same goes for just about anywhere in Greater London.


Once you get outside of the city everything just calms down a little bit, the hustle and bustle isn’t there and you can actually relax a little more when you are out and about. There is something which I love and hate in equal measure about the madness of the centre, but I do far prefer the outside of the city when it comes to wandering about without stress and without pressure, especially after a busy day of meetings and discussions.

If you are heading to London on business then look slightly outside of the city for the best place to stay and commute from, you will not regret it.

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