Bharat Bhise – Importance of Staying in Touch With Your Friends
18 Jan 2020

Bharat Bhise – Importance of Staying in Touch With Your Friends

Post by Rob Grasso

One of the most frustrating things which I see people say on social media when discussing friends is when they say things like ‘ we could not see each other for a decade and still catch up like we saw each other yesterday’. I take friendship very seriously and I have some amazing and inspirational friends like the brilliant Bharat Bhise in my life, and the fact is never lost on me of how important these friends are. The notion of not being in touch with friends and somehow remaining great friends is a total myth in my view, and here is why you must stay in touch with those good friends you have around you. 

It Isn’t Easy

When you are at school or college you have millions of friends because you are doing the same thing as a huge amount of people and normally at that age, you don’t have any responsibilities or reasons to do anything but hang out with friends. As you get older however this becomes much more difficult and whilst acquaintances are easy to make, true friends are not. This is why it is absolutely vital that you treasure those friends that you have in your life now. 

Speed of Change

If you don’t talk to a friend for 3 months then you will have missed so much of their life, they can fill you in of course, but they will normally just give you the headlines rather than going through everything that has happened. Now this is not to say that you should be calling your friends on a daily basis, but at least once a week is absolute necessary to understand what they are going through and how their life is progressing. Life moves so quickly, as does change, if you leave it too long then you may very well miss out on important events that are taking place in your friend’s life. 

Speaking About It

Staying in touch with friends isn’t just about preserving the friendship, it is also about giving you the emotional network of support that you need to get through this thing we call life. There are things that you can talk about to your friends that you may not be able to with others, and this is why it is so essential that you have good people around you. If you are going through something and you haven’t had contact with your friends for sometime, you are going to be unlikely to feel comfortable calling them just to pour your heart out.

Adding Value

Good friends inspire and motivate and ultimately they make you a better person. This is why having great friends around you is so important, and why staying in touch with them once you have those great friends is absolutely essential. Friends add value and not having them can change who you are and how you go about things. 

If you have been guilty of not speaking to a friend for a while, go give them a call and stay in touch.