Executive Resume Writing Service Cost, Benefits, and Other Considerations
4 Sep 2019

Executive Resume Writing Service Cost, Benefits, and Other Considerations

Post by Rob Grasso

One of the main things searched for when in need of help with an executive resume is “executive resume writing service cost”. Of course, cost is a major concern when investing in any service, but it certainly should not be the only one. It’s important to always think about the potential ROI, especially with a resume writing service. In other words, what are the chances of landing a job with the help of a professional resume writer?

In many cases, a higher cost also leads to a higher ROI. Individuals applying for executive positions who have taken the initiative to dish out some cash on some professional assistance have a higher chance of landing the job. So on top of cost, you must consider the benefits that come along with the resume writing service in question. More importantly, consider if the service will actually help you get that dream executive-level position you’ve been working towards.

The Average Cost of an Executive Resume Writing Service

Most resume writing agencies offer a few options when it comes to resumes. There will be the low-cost entry-level resume, followed by the next tier, which is the professional-level resume. At the very top is the executive resume. Anyone applying for an executive position is applying for a leadership role within a company. Leaders come in many shapes and forms, ranging from CEOs to CMOs to CFOs.

It goes without saying that all of these three-letter positions come with a high salary. So it makes complete sense that an executive resume writing service costs the most. The best resume writing agencies won’t just offer the option for entry, professional, and executive, but also a few different packages within the executive resume writing category.

These packages will range in services, benefits, and costs. Even the low-end exec package doesn’t come cheap; the average cost of a basic executive resume writing package can range from $300 to $500. For additional services, like interview coaching and career counseling, you can expect to pay even more than that. Just remember that if you land the job, you’re looking at a 6-figure annual salary, so an executive resume writing service should be viewed as an investment.

The Benefits of Hiring an Executive Resume Writing Professional

The main benefit is that you’ll receive assistance with crafting the perfect executive resume. No matter your skills and qualifications, resume writing can be difficult. Receiving help allows you to focus on more important aspects of the job hunt, such as the interview process. Many top-rated agencies will also offer a complimentary cover letter, thank you letter, and career counseling session.

Other Considerations Before Choosing a Resume Writing Service

Always, always do your research before deciding on a resume writing service. As you can see from above, these services don’t come cheap, and it is your job to ensure that you aren’t just throwing money down the drain. Read past client reviews and testimonials, ask to see resume and cover letter samples, and make sure you get the right vibe from an agency.