Give Your Household Appliances a Longer Lifespan with These Tips
7 May 2019

Give Your Household Appliances a Longer Lifespan with These Tips

Post by Rob Grasso

In today’s throwaway culture, many people seem to have forgotten the value of a long lasting and durable product. Smartphones are incredible pieces of technology which are more or less designed to become obsolete in a few years. This new casual attitude to consumer electronics has leaked into other parts of life.

Most home appliances are a type of consumer electronics and they play by the same market rules. Finding appliances that are truly durable can be difficult. However, if you treat any appliance right, you can squeeze as much life out of it as possible.

Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Treat Them Well

It goes without saying that the way you treat your appliances will impact their lifespan. If you handle them carelessly, they will eventually give up. Remember, every time you bang an appliance against something hard by accident, the impact has the potential to knock something loose or cause damage internally. Even things that are easy to fix, such as reconnecting a wire, can render your appliance unusable.

If you are careful with your appliances, and you treat them like you want them to last, they will stand a much better chance of survival. Naturally, you will get what you pay for. If you purchase cheap appliances, they won’t last as long, no matter how well you look after them.

Follow Instructions

All of us at one time or another have found ourselves with a new appliance or gadget that we can’t wait to use. In our rush to try whatever it is out, we completely skip over the accompanying instructions. What many people don’t realise is that, even if you know how to work the appliance, the instructions will often contain useful advice about best practices when using the appliance.

Sometimes, the way we use an appliance can affect how long it will last. Many appliances will last longer if you clean them every now and then. Again, the instructions will advise you on the best cleaning method.

Buy a Warranty

Having warranty on a product ensures that you are shielded financially if something goes wrong. You can usually choose to either have the product repaired or to have a replacement sent to you. A warranty will usually cover any accidental or unforeseeable damage.

However, note that warranties do not include everything. Also note that, even though it flies in the face of many of the basic premises of consumer protection laws, opening up a device will usually void the warranty. This means that even if you want to make a very simple repair that anyone could do, you have to go through an authorised repair partner.

Use Authorised Repair Services

Repairing rather than replacing appliances enables owners to get many more years out of a device than they otherwise would. If your device is under warranty, that’s great! But if not, then you are faced with a choice between repairing and replacing the appliance.

If you decide that it is worth repairing your appliance, the next decision is where you get it repaired. You should always use authorised repairers, especially if you want the warranty or insurance to remain intact. For example, if you have an AEG appliance in need of repair, check out Service Force. Service Force are an authorised repair partner for AEG appliances, the only one in the UK.

Look after your household appliances right and they should serve you well into the future. Good home appliance care is much easier than you might think and is an easy way of saving money in the long term. Taking care of metals, like brass angles, is also important to prevent erosion and decay.

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