Is gambling the best form of entertainment?
3 Jul 2020

Is gambling the best form of entertainment?

Post by Rob Grasso

Gambling is not only an activity that people enjoy doing, it is also an activity that many people enjoy watching. Whether it is sports like horse racing or dog racing, or even competitive poker, gambling can attract huge audiences.

It hasn’t always been this way. Gambling became popular long ago in many different areas of the world simultaneously. At the outset, it would no doubt attract players. But likely soon after, audiences began to gather around and place their own bats what who would win the contest.

The first National Lottery was conducted in the country of Liechtenstein. The Liechtenstein International Lottery was launched in October 1994 and soon there were lotteries all around Europe and the world. Today the international Lottery Market is estimated at 40 billion US dollars.

Although in some countries gambling is not permitted, in the vast majority of Western countries, some form of gambling is allowed. This includes in the United States, Canada, and nearly the entire European Union.

Today, the most popular forms of gambling around the world are::

  •       Lottery games – 46.5%.
  •       Keno or mathematical lotto game – 24.3%.
  •       Instantaneous scratch tickets – 24.3%.
  •       Digital one armed bandit – 20.5%.

Different ways to gamble

Over the centuries there have been hundreds of different ways to gamble and for more than 200 years they’ve been casinos where people can come and gamble legally. With the growth of the fast internet, online gambling is now the fastest growing type of gambling in the world.  With just an internet connection and a tablet laptop or desktop computer, or a smartphone, you can go to an online casino gambling website and nearly immediately start playing your favorite casino games. It is thought that one out of every for gamblers now playing online. 

Online Texas hold’em

 One of the most popular forms of gambling and one that also attracts millions of fans is poker. This card game usually is played with up to 8 players and there are many different styles of poker. The most popular style is called Texas Hold’em that you can play at this canadian online casino and the biggest Texas Hold’em tournaments payout millions of dollars and are televised. There are also online competitions that run every day of the year. It is believed that Texas Hold’em is the second most popular online casino game behind slot machines. Websites that feature Texas Hold’em offer players reward bonus offers that are paid as the gamer makes specific amounts.

 What is Next for gambling Online? 

According to some predictions, the worldwide market for on internet gambling by 2024 will be more than 100 billion dollars and new technologies like AR & VR are changing the way players experience gambling online.

The industry however will continue to have many challenges including government restrictions and online cyber theft. But there is no doubt that online gambling will continue to grow quickly.