Should You Choose The Best Wet Dog Food For Your Dog?
4 Oct 2019

Should You Choose The Best Wet Dog Food For Your Dog?

Post by Rob Grasso

No matter what you might have heard, there are some pretty good reasons why you want to choose the best wet dog food for your dog. The very first thing that comes to mind is the fact that there are fewer chemicals included in these products. Most do not use artificial flavors or colors. They do not actually need to use preservatives since wet dog food is usually sold in cans, which maintain flavor and ingredients fresh for a longer period of time.

Besides this, here are some other interesting facts to be aware of when considering wet dog food.

Fewer Carbohydrates

Most of the wet dog food on the market includes lower quantities of carbohydrates when compared to dry food. Many are actually grain free and were so before the increased popularity of grain free dog food. Kibbles need starches during extrusion but wet dog food, since it is canned, does not have such a requirement that has to be met during manufacture.

Better Ingredients

Wet dog food includes more fat and protein so dogs love them. Also, the ingredients used are of higher quality. Just open a can of wet dog food and you can literally see meat and all the other good ingredients. Most of the canned food comes as gravy, pates, loafs and stews.

Better Flavor

Most dogs enjoy wet dog food due to the fact that it is much more flavorful. The smell of such dog food is more attractive. This is quite important for dogs that are picky eaters. When you have a dog that does not eat, use wet dog food. You will even hear vets recommend this for dogs that are convalescing following an illness or a surgery or senior dogs. Feeding wet dog food can actually tempt the dog that has poor appetite. A senior dog loses his sense of taste and smell so dry food might not be appealing anymore.

Easier To Give Your Dog Medication

When you have to give your dog some pills or liquid medication, it can be hidden in wet dog food. You will need a little bit of practice since some dogs are quite suspicious and you might have to carefully hide the medication but there is a much higher possibility that the dog will be tricked into taking what he needs. The only problem appears when the dog is naturally suspicious. If he often gets dry dog food and all of a sudden he sees wet dog food, he might inspect it with extreme caution. Just give him wet dog food a couple of times and then do the medicine trick.

Easier To Eat

When your dog has problems with teeth, like some that are missing or a jaw that is poorly-aligned, it is hard for him to eat foods that are harder. This is where wet dog food helps a lot as it is so much easier to eat. Combine this with the fact that water content is higher, which is necessary for many dogs, and you end up with a win-win situation even with dogs that have medical problems.

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