The Best US Cities for a Christmas Getaway
14 Dec 2019

The Best US Cities for a Christmas Getaway

Post by Rob Grasso

The US of A represents one of the best countries in the world when it comes to the winter holidays. It might not be as warm as some exotic beaches but the spirit of Christmas is certainly well alive here. You can go from one state to another and find different Christmas traditions and holiday vibes.

Some cities are more traditional in their celebration of the holidays, whilst others take a more modern but still highly entertaining approach. We’re going to take a look at some of the best US cities for a Christmas getaway in this article and rank them accordingly.

New York

New York is undoubtedly one of the best places not only in the US but in the whole world when it comes to Christmas. Its culture knows how to appreciate the wonders of the winter holidays and celebrate it with style. Simply by taking a regular walk through the city, you’ll be able to stumble upon a large number of commercial places decorated for the holidays.

The Rockefeller Center is your go-to location if you want to spend Christmas in New York. The whole place is heavily decorated with lights while featuring a huge Christmas tree near the ice skating rink. You can also visit the Radio City Music Hall as well as some local theatres if you want to enjoy some classic NY shows.

Las Vegas

Although Vegas is not necessarily a classic Christmas location due to its lack of snow and above-average temperatures, the city sure knows how to celebrate the holiday. If you’re not ready for a hardcore NY winter then Las Vegas with its countless entertainment opportunities it’s a great option.

The Bellagio casino it’s going to be the first location you’d want to visit for Christmas while in Vegas. The Bellagio Fountains will be constantly playing classic Christmas songs whilst the Bellagio Conservatory will be featuring a massive holiday display with thousands of LEDs, decorations and a huge Christmas tree.

While you’re on the Strip at Bellagio you should also hit up the casinos and try a bit of gambling. The casinos will be featuring holiday decorations and themed events as well. You can try out the free slots online before experiencing the live deal if you want to hone your skills a bit.

Although online casinos can be quite different from land-based ones, some might still be featuring Christmas-themed events, providing users with a great holiday experience. Once you perfect your gambling skills online, feel free to also visit The Venetian besides Bellagio as there’s going to be a huge Christmas tree displayed there too.

Washington, D.C.

As the capital of the United States, Washington certainly knows how to throw a Christmas exhibition for its people. Georgetown represents the oldest neighborhood from DC and it’s a must to visit it around the holidays while being in the capital. Georgetown GLOW DC it’s the name of the yearly curated exhibition of decorations, lights and Christmas artwork.

Local and international artists are collaborating in designing unique artwork decorations that can mesmerize anybody. They are built in an interactive manner, allowing visitors to interact with them. If you’re a fan of lights and decorations then you’ll love Washington around Christmas.


The USA it’s a great country that certainly knows how to celebrate Christmas. Regardless if you’re visiting the capital, the desert or any small city the chances are pretty high that you’ll be able to have a great time for the winter holidays. If you’re planning on spending your holidays in the US, make sure to take into consideration the three cities mentioned above.

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