What You Need To Know About Vaping
28 Dec 2019

What You Need To Know About Vaping

Post by Rob Grasso

Although the vaping industry has grown massively since the introduction of e-cigarettes in the early 2000s, there are still many people who do not know what vaping is. They wonder if it is smoking or a different thing altogether.

Here are some key things that you need to know about vaping:

Vaping demystified

Vaping refers to using e-cigarettes and is derived from the word vapour. E-cigs are devices like Davinci’s first Fill-your-own-Know-your-dose vaporizer. E-cigs or vaporizers are operated by battery and resemble traditional cigarettes or a pen or assume other shapes. The battery heats a coil that in turn heats e-liquid, which is made up of nicotine, flavourings, and some solvents as well as other substances, turning it into vapour that the vapers inhale. Since there is no combustion of tobacco involved, it is believed that vaping is safer than smoking.

Vaping does not always involve nicotine, and at times one may vape nicotine-free. Sometimes vapers use other things like marijuana or other herbs to vape instead of tobacco.

Does vaping have any risks?

Though the vapour inhaled has fewer toxins than smoke, it is not safe. It exposes the users to nicotine, which is addictive and may be poisonous. However, with vaping, one can choose to do it without nicotine. The other concern is that using e-cigarettes irritates the lungs and breathing system and can cause several health issues. There are also the risks associated with improper use of the vaping devices where the battery could explode and cause accidents or fire and burns.

One way to minimize such incidents from the vaping devices is to ensure that you use quality vaping devices and other supplies such as e-liquid and the accessories. You can have a peek at this website for some of the best deals on vaping devices from a trusted global leader in the industry.

Vaping and smoking cessation

One of the best things that you can do for your health is to give up smoking if you are a smoker, and if are not yet, then you should keep away from the dangerous habit. Vaping has been touted as a good way to help smokers give up the habit, but there is no conclusive scientific evidence about it. There are studies indicating that vaping could have helped people to stop or reduce smoking.

According to findings from a recent survey with a national representation, smokers who vaped daily were considerably more likely to give up smoking for at least two years than non-e-cigarette users. Those who quit smoking were 11% against those who did not who were 6%. Those results agreed with others from another national study involving around 5,000 adults, in which 337 (6.9%) stopped smoking while 778 (16.69%) greatly reduced their smoking rate. From these people, 14% of those people quit and 15% of those that reduced reported using e-cigarettes.

However, there is one caution. Scholars and officials were not in a position to ascertain if using e-cigs particularly made it possible to quit because some of those involved in the study could have given up smoking over time even with no e-cigarette usage.

Final thoughts

While vaping is safer than smoking, it has some health concerns. As such, one should be cautious when getting into it. But advocating for vaping among smokers so that they can get less harmful access to nicotine is critical to improving the health of the overall population. Besides, discussions on vaping should be well-grounded in science as opposed to mere speculation.