4 Cool Day Trip From Atlanta Offered by Atlanta Charter Buses
4 Sep 2019

4 Cool Day Trip From Atlanta Offered by Atlanta Charter Buses

Post by Rob Grasso

Whether you live in Atlanta or you’re just making a quick visit, there are tons of cool things to keep you entertained within the city. Not only can you stay entertained with the city sights and sounds, but you’ll find plenty of things to do within easy reach of ATL. Some of the coolest attractions of Georgia are just a quick trip from the city, many of which can be accessed with Atlanta charter buses.

For those of you living within the ATL city limits, sometimes it’s necessary to get away from the hustle and bustle. If you’re merely a visitor, it’s important to not focus solely on the attractions within the city, but also the ones within easy reach of it. No matter if your situation is the former or the latter, you’ll love these 4 days trips to take from Atlanta.

Lake Lanier, 49 Miles from ATL

Lake Lanier is a manmade reservoir found just 50 miles to the North of the city. The lake itself takes up 39,000 acres of space and features nearly 700 miles of shorelie. Lanier Islands is popular resort area of Georgia, home to tons of Airbnbs, hotels, and 5-star resorts. There’s no need to book a room here, though, since it takes about 1 hour to get from the city center.

Amicalola Falls State Park, 71 Miles from ATL

Another quick trip from Atlanta, Amicalola Falls State Park is the perfect getaway from the city. Experiencing Georgia’s nature will be a refreshing change from the skyscrapers and honking horns of ATL. While spending the day here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure. If hiking along the Appalachian Trail is something that you’ve always wanted to do, Amicalola is the perfect starting point. It sits just 8 miles from an Appalachian Trailhead.

Athens, 72 Miles from ATL

Athens is often referred to as the “Southern Belle” of Georgia. Although it is located to the north of the capital, you’ll experience southern charm at its finest with a day trip to Athens. The city is known as one of the major players of the Civil War, which makes it an amazing destination for history buffs. Architecture enthusiasts love the mid-19th-century buildings found within the city limits.

Callaway Gardens, 80 Miles from ATL

Don’t be surprised if you arrive at Callaway Gardens and never want to leave. This 6,500-acre resort complex is located in Georgia’s Pine Mountain and attracts early 1 million visitors each year. The area was founded in the 1950s to protect and promote the education of unique flora species, particularly the native Azalea flowering shrub.

During your time here, be sure to take advantage of the nature trails winding throughout the Gardens. If you have time, rent bikes and take them along the Discovery Bike Trail. Riding along the trail is the best way to take in as much of the park as possible since it stretches 10 miles throughout Callaway.