5 Loosest Slots to Play in Las Vegas Casinos
24 Nov 2020

5 Loosest Slots to Play in Las Vegas Casinos

Post by Rob Grasso

In 1998, a retired flight attendant won $27.8 million from a Megabucks slot machine. If you know which slots to play, you can make it out of Vegas with a tidy profit. But it takes a little insider knowledge to find out which machines are worth your time.

Loose slots, or hot slots, are machines more likely to give you money. They’re all over Las Vegas if you know where to look. Elevate your gambling strategy with these machines.

Play Smarter, Not Harder

When you’re in Vegas, you can expect to spend a good amount of money. However, you can amplify your chances of winning with some clever decision making.

Slot machines are a relatively low-cost way to gamble that offer a high reward. Their payout probability is referred to as its Return to Player, or RTP. Many slot machines also offer bonus games that can give you huge multipliers.

If you’re not jetting to Vegas but still want to play some lucrative online slots, make sure you go in prepared. This guide to how to win online slots will be indispensable.

The Loosest Slots to Play in Vegas

When in Las Vegas, knowing where to find these machines is as important as knowing which slots are best. In general, casinos on the Vegas strip will house machines with a lower RTP. Tourist-centered casinos will not have great payouts.

To find the better, luckier casinos, go to North Las Vegas. You’ll have a better chance of finding these great machines.

1. Megabucks

Megabucks machines are one of the most popular brands of slots. The highest payout ever from a slot machine came from a Megabucks in 2003 – a total of 39.7 million! Megabucks machines give you big money through powerful multipliers and free spins.

2. Wheel of Fortune

There are two dozen Wheel of Fortune slot machines scattered between Vegas casinos. If you hunt one down, expect to get lucky: these machines have a high RTP and larger-than-normal jackpots.

3. Book of Ra

This Egyptian-themed slots machine has five reels and ten pay lines. The jackpots are high, and gameplay is fun and easy. Book of Ra is a globally popular slot machine, so you can trust the ones you find in Vegas!

4. Double Jackpot

Bally Tech is a behemoth on the slot machine scene. Double Jackpot is a classic slot machine that lives up to its name. Powerful combinations and lots of multipliers make Double Jackpot a slot machine you can’t pass up.

5. Buffalo

Buffalo is a legendary slot machine for quick wins. It has over a thousand pay lines!

What makes Buffalo famous is their bonus game. Through bonus spins, you can earn a multiplier of over 25x your winnings. This leads to big jackpots in no time at all.

You’re Ready For a Payday

We hope you’re ready to pick the best slots to play on your next Vegas trip. Remember: avoid the strip, stay North, and play smarter, not harder! With these tips you’re ready to win.

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