Interdependence Public Relations – Keys to Look For When Choosing a PR Agency
18 Jan 2020

Interdependence Public Relations – Keys to Look For When Choosing a PR Agency

Post by Rob Grasso

Until last year I had absolutely no idea how to go about finding the best public relations agency. As a business we had decided that it was time to get a team on board to help us, and so we began the long process of finding a team which we felt fit with what we wanted to do. In the end we made a brilliant choice and began working with the amazing team at Interdependence public relations, and throughout the process I learned more than I ever thought that I could about how to go about finding the very best public relations agency. If you are just abut to get started with your search, here are the keys when looking for a great PR agency. 


Reputation is always a good place to start and whilst I am in no doubt at all that there are many new and exciting PR firms out there who can deliver for you, the best idea is to always go for those companies which have great reputations. It can take a lot of hard work and time to build up a great reputation as a PR firm, which is why those who do have a good one should be at the top of your list. 

Your Market 

One mistake which I did make in the beginning was falling to realize that not every PR firm works well with every type of business. Each marketplace and industry is completely different and that is why it makes much more sense to look for a PR firm which has a clear understanding of your particular business, rather than looking for a Jack of all trades. Your PR firm should perfectly understand both your business and your customers, because they are the ones who are going to be managing and delivering the message. 

Customer Service

Sadly we met with a couple of PR firms who had the attitude that we needed them more than they needed us, and as such their customer service was awful. This happens from time to time in B2B dealings and I have no idea how people can think that it is acceptable. The point here is that you should be with a PR firm that values you and your custom, if you don’t get that then how can they really deliver on your behalf? Interdependence have many clients, much bigger than us, yet they treat us as if we are the most important, and that gives me faith that  they can deliver for us. 


May PR agencies are guilty of not being transparent in terms of how they are going to deliver for you, exactly how they are going to do so and what plans they have for you in the future. You are not handing your life over to these teams, you are in business with them and as such you should have a clear understanding of what is happening at all times. 

At the  very least, your PR agency should offer these attributes.