The 5 Biggest Tech Trends in 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready for Now
16 Jan 2020

The 5 Biggest Tech Trends in 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready for Now

Post by Rob Grasso

There’s no need to say that technology advances at a rapid pace. This year, we got to see plenty of new devices and software being introduced and this will be the case in 2020 as well. These new technologies will impact our daily lives even more and everyone is excited to see what kind of changes they’ll bring. While you cannot predict the impact these things will have, you can get ready for trends that are expected to dominate 2020. Listed below are five of them you simply have to learn more about.

The 5G wireless revolution

As technology evolves, the internet keeps changing and 2020 will be the year in which we’re going to witness the 5G wireless revolution. This technology has the power to boost download and upload speeds as well as to make connections more stable. If you’ve been paying attention lately, chances are you already heard a lot about 5G networks but the next twelve months is when this trend will get closer to reaching its full potential and gaining even more attention. The switch to 5G networks will contribute to mobile devices becoming even more popular and a number of individuals will make a switch to mobile. When it comes to companies, 5G networks will help maximize the impact machines, robots and other devices have.

Improved cybersecurity

Cybersecurity might not seem like new technology but it’s important to have in mind that it keeps up the pace with other technologies. Hackers and other internet wrongdoers keep coming up with new ways to steal data and stopping them is a must. The evidence that cybersecuirty is still evolving is the fact that there’s a strong need for cybersecurity professionals at the moment. According to reports, the number of cyberseucrity jobs is growing three times faster than any other tech jobs. Those who’re looking to get into the tech sector in 2020 might want to consider specializing in cybersecurity. Roles in the field can range from ethical hacker to chief security officer.

Blockchain technology

One of the most talked-about technologies in 2019 was the blockchain. This tech has completely revolutionized the way online transactions take place which is exactly why it will make even more noise in the next twelve months. Blockchain technology is closely related to digital currencies and with new cryptocurrencies such as Libra about to be released, it’s safe to say it will dominate in 2020. Moreover, the blockchain will change a number of industries and make companies change the way they operate. For example, this tech has made the iGaming industry more competitive, as more providers can offer quick and safe transactions. So, if you want to play video slots, there are plenty of companies you can turn to.

Self-driving cars

Not so long ago, self-driving cars were something you only get to see in sci-fi movies. However, with technology constantly evolving, it looks like we’re closer to autonomous driving than we ever were in the past. Obviously, we’re still not at the stage where everyone can ride in self-driving cars but experts keep working on these things and 2020 might just be the year when we get to see them in action. Even if we don’t, it’s still an amazing thing that traditional cars are being equipped with technologies that allow automated braking and lane-changing on the road. Whatever happens, there’s no doubt autonomous driving will be a popular topic in 2020.

Virtual reality

Extended reality is a broad term used to describe technologies that have for a purpose to create better digital experiences. Over the last few years, we got to hear a lot about virtual reality (VR) and we can expect the same to happen in 2020. VR is still a relatively new concept and experts are still trying to come up with the best ways to use it. At the moment, VR is extremely popular in the gaming world with new devices such as Oculus Rift being released. This trend will continue in but more companies in various industries will start using VR as well. For example, more real estate companies will use VR to create a better experience for their clients.

The bottom line

One thing’s for sure – technology will continue to advance and it will continue to have an impact on our daily lives. Keeping an eye on these five trends should help you get ready for 2020 and all the changes new tech is about to bring.