Understanding Mobile EDI
4 Oct 2019

Understanding Mobile EDI

Post by Rob Grasso

Mobile EDI is a really interesting emerging area of operation that enables EDI document exchanges with the use of mobile devices. Since we are faced with a growing number of people that actively use mobile gadgets, it makes sense that business operations have to be handled through smartphones. Mobile EDI aims to help bridge this gap and streamline business operations even more than it is possible through a computer.

Some businesses question the fact that users would actually want to use mobile devices in order to complete purchase orders or to process invoices when not in office. While this is a good argument, business owners need to always focus on the efficiency of the supply chain. When a salesperson is capable to see delivery status even when on the road or when the business manager can quickly review the performance of the suppliers in real life while negotiating deals, efficiency is automatically increased for the business.

Mobile EDI applications appeared and the benefits they offer quickly start to become obvious. We are talking about limitations that appeared in mobile device hardware in the past. It was this that hampered the development of mobile EDI, not how beneficial it could be. Screen quality and size was limited until now. However, since the iPad and large smartphones are nowadays commonplace, mobile computing devices become a big part of the business.

It is not an overstatement when people say that mobile devices change the way in which users interact with practically any organization. There are numerous companies that launch applications with the goal of helping mobilizing supply chains. Corporate apps are nowadays reality and it is just time until EDI-related or supply chain apps are offered even in corporate app stores.

The entire retail sector is changing. The companies that do not adapt are going to have huge development problems. At the same time, users become more and more exigent. They need to have their products shipped as fast as possible. This is why the speed at which a system operates is paramount for modern business success.

The possibility of using mobile EDI to manage supply chains should not be taken lightly. There is this belief among many business owners that the investment is worthless since staff members only use the EDI system when at work. However, what happens when you need to get information about the system or sales stats and you do not have access to a computer? We always have our mobile phone with us so the information we need can be right at our fingertips.

To sum up, mobile EDI is changing the industry, just as desktop-based EDI did when it appears. We are looking at constant evolution in the supply industry. Suppliers and B2B providers work hard to develop new ways to increase business efficiency. Mobile EDI is one of those recent improvements that have to be taken into account. It does not matter if the EDI system used is cloud-based or completely built in-house. Remote access is something that is needed for proper and smooth operation.