What Are Online Reputation Repair Services?
4 Oct 2019

What Are Online Reputation Repair Services?

Post by Rob Grasso

Does a small business that has been operating for many years really need Online Reputation Repair services?

Think about it this way…you’ve ran your business for many years, once relying on word of mouth, your current customers telling their friends about how wonderful your products are, and how helpful your staff can be. Over the years with the advent of the Internet and improvement of freight infrastructure you’ve scaled your business to new heights, now listing your products online and delivering them nationwide. But what you’ve found is that the local reputation you had for excellent service with a smile is much harder to maintain now you can’t meet your customer in-person.

Suddenly you realise, after a new employee shows you a Google search for your products, that your online reputation really isn’t that good at all. You really hope that anyone who is about to buy your product online doesn’t read these other customer reviews and is put off completing their purchase. What’s gone wrong?

How Your Online Reputation Develops

For many long-established businesses, the Internet has developed much faster than their company has. Within a matter of years, the forums for discussing your product and service are no longer the street corner or over a garden fence, they’re now highly respected consumer review websites, social media networks and online forums. Even more concerning is that these comments are there to stay, they weren’t thrown away verbal chit-chat long forgotten, they’re recorded for posterity on the Internet for every prospective customer to read.

What you often find as well, is that particularly on forums, once one person writes something negative about a company, this post attracts not your loyal customers willing to defend you, but other people who want a good moan about the time it took two minutes for your Customer Service team to answer the phone. Over time this forum develops into a damning review of all your company’s small flaws and mistakes, for everyone to read. More concerning is that this forum now ranks just below your own website in a Google search for your company name.

How Can Online Reputation Repair Services Help?

Thankfully for you, there are agencies that provide Online Reputation Repair Services. They work fast and effectively to counteract the negative Internet coverage of your brand, and replace it with positive reputation-building reviews, articles, and forum posts. They identify where the damage to your reputation is taking place and slowly seed positive reviews. They also identify other forums where positive mentions of your brand will quickly rank high on Google searches to push the negative forums down the list onto page two or three of the search.

You can expect that within six months your online reputation will be repaired. This will then give you an opportunity to gain positive reviews from all of your new customers, who won’t have been put off from buying your product anymore by what they have read online about your company.

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